What do other animals say?



This is a question I frequently get, especially when the messages are profound, as they often are; each in its own way.  What they say is extremely varied, so here you may read for yourself:





Conversations on Change:  Behaviors, Issues, Moves, New Family Members

Spiritual Guidance and Assistance from Animals

Skye, Feline, tells us how she walked into her life and what she is here to embody and share:  Joy. Her description of 'joy' as a universal quality is not to be missed!


Spirit Desert Walker is a Horse of such Integrity and Grace that he will not be ridden until his human friend learns about the ancient mission and spiritual purpose they share.

Hannah is a beautiful Abyssinian with a super intelligence and just a bit of patience for us slower humans...

Gigi, Canine, shows us a poignant dedication to her human's journey and a quality of commitment that is remarkable, even if you are canine!

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