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I type or write as I connect with animals.  Everything is recorded as a transcript:  Visuals and emotions are described, and the transcript is yours to keep and refer to as often as you like in the future.  Re-reading the transcript over time for deeper meaning is often fruitful, and helps reinforce positive behavior shifts.


TO GET STARTED -  I need from you:

  1. Clear photos of your animal, at least one with the eyes looking directly into the camera.

  2. A thoughtful list of your questions and issues; what you would like your animal to know.

  3. Payment arrangement via paypal, venmo or check.


After I receive the above requested items, I schedule the session.  You don't have to be available and the animal only needs its normal routine during that time.  When the session is complete, I email you the transcript.  I am available via phone for a 20 minute conversation for questions, clarifications; we work together to ensure both you and the animal are complete.

Initial Session

I work using a flat-rate session, which allows me as much time as necessary to connect deeply with your animal, usually about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  Sometimes animals send an answer to a question, but it's only a partial answer, and the key to discovery lies in deciphering what question to ask next, and continuing to follow each fork in the road until a larger picture emerges. 



Common Types of Sessions

  • Bonding with and knowing your animal on a deeper level

  • Illness and Deep-seated problematic behavior 

  • Aligning your personal and spiritual growth with your animal's mission and/or desires

  • Grieving Humans and Departed Animals

  • Animal Opinions and Perspective

  • Household additions: New family members



Other Sessions

Please email me about Specific Issues when time is of the essence, multi-animal households where everyone needs to be consulted, or where animal input is needed for care decisions.





Session Rate:        $250  

Additional Time:    $150/hr Pro-rated

NOTE: Sessions are booked M-F during normal business hours.  There is a $75 additional fee for Emergency Sessions outside of those hours or on weekends.                               

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