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Basic Animal Communication Classes 

Class Structure

The Basic Animal Communication Course consists of two online interactive classes via Zoom. Each class is 2 - 3 hours long, with some homework in between. Classes are small (4-5 students) so that you can experience hands-on coaching - that's what makes this work.

What You Will Learn

You'll learn about the process of Animal Communication, finding your own starting point and discovering how you are already doing it. You'll get to experience connecting with animals in a more structured way using this process, and learn how to interpret what you receive. 


Besides a willingness to learn and desire to connect with animals, you'll need to know how to find your own quiet or meditative space.  This can be experience meditating, journaling, any form of spiritual or religious practice that has helped you learn to become quiet, focused, and comfortable within your own inner space. If you feel you do not quite have this skill  yet, contact me and we can find a way for you to get there. 


Upcoming Basic Animal Communication Course  (Times are EDT)

The Basic Animal Communication Course consists of 2 classes, a Sunday class, and a  Wednesday class. 

Section 23:    Sun Sep 11, 2022 12-3 pm EDT,  and Wed Sep 14, 2022 12 - 3 pm EDT

Next Intermediate Course 

Section 4: Sun Sep 18, 2022 2-5 pm EDT,  and Wed Sep 21, 2022 2-5 pm EDT

Basic Class grads receive email notifications of classes beyond the Basic Course.  If you want to make sure you're on this list, contact me below.

Note: I will be transitioning from all-live zoom classes to a video + live zoom class format this fall, so these are among the last all-live zoom classes I will be offering. I love being with you for the whole class, but this will increase my ability to reach more people and create an online community where we can share learning experiences. So if you value the all-live format, sign up now!

How to Sign Up

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