Basic Animal Communication Classes 


If you are affected financially by the current health crisis, but have the desire, focus and time to enroll, please do, and pay what you can within your current budget. 

Class Structure:

Each Basic Animal Communication Course consists of two online interactive classes, with a maximum of 6 students via Zoom. Each class is 2 hours long, with some homework in between. 

What You Will Learn:

You'll learn about the process of Animal Communication, how it works. You'll get to experience connecting with animals using this process, and learn how to interpret what you receive. 


Besides a willingness to learn and desire to connect with animals, you'll need to know how to find your own quiet or meditative space.  This can be experience meditating, journaling, any form of spiritual or religious practice that has helped you learn to become quiet, focused, and comfortable within your own inner space. If you feel you do not quite have this skill  yet, contact me via the sign up form, and we can find a way for you to get there. 


Upcoming Class Dates (listed in Eastern Daylight Time):

Section 2:    Sunday March 29, 2020 2 pm, and Tuesday March 31, 2020 2 pm

Section 3:    Sunday April 5, 2020 2 pm, and Wednesday, April 8, 2020 2 pm

Section 4:    Sunday April 12, 2020 4 pm, and Wednesday April 15, 2020 4 pm

Section 5:    Sunday April 19, 2020 2 pm, and Wednesday April 22, 2020 2 pm

Basic Animal Communication Course Tuition: $175 

Financially Affordable Tuition: Pay What You Can  *through this time of limited movement due to COVID-19 

How to Sign Up:

Fill out the Sign Up form.  Include the Class Section number for the dates that work for you, the tuition you will be paying, and method of payment:  Paypal or Venmo, all in your message. I will confirm your class registration via email confirmation shortly.  

NOTE: If you want to take this course and neither of these dates work for you, PLEASE submit the form requesting some future dates that do. 

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